Decision Point

Decision Point


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Decision Point: Real-Life Ethical Dilemmas in Law Enforcement

This book assists readers in understanding the real-life dilemmas law enforcement officers confront throughout their careers. The scenarios are riveting, and the discussion points force readers to consider the myriad options officers face in these dilemmas. One thing is certain as made clear by the decision points in every chapter—ethical decision-making is an extraordinarily difficult endeavor in the law enforcement profession. "Decision Point" focuses on the individual officer in the middle of each situation, while making it clear that the broader culture and traditions of the agency play a major role in helping the officer make the right decision. This text therefore provides value to a wide audience, including those in entry level through supervisory and management level training programs. On many levels, Jeff Green’s text is a major contribution to the policing profession.

About the Author

Jeffrey L. Green, PhD 

Dr. Green has served as a police officer and federal agent for over 30 years. During his tenure with the FBI, he served as both the Chief of Leadership Development and Chief of Faculty Affairs at the FBI Academy. Dr. Green earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Criminal Justice Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Capella University. He serves as an adjunct faculty member with the University of Virginia’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies and Capella University’s School of Public Service Leadership. Although Dr. Green’s research efforts primarily have focused on the relationship between personality and leadership, he has published numerous articles on topics such as ethical leadership, leading change, human development, motivation and inspiration, and leading in a multicultural environment. He also is the author of  Graduate Savvy: Navigating the World of Online Higher Education, and the soon-to-be-released, Perception:  Understanding Human Connectivity through the DISC Behavioral Model.

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